Flying may be convenient, but the whole airport experience can be overwhelming and stressful, while many travellers simply do not enjoy the prospect of flying. Furthermore, driving has become even more of a challenge, with seemingly constant road works on major routes, coupled with the heavily congested streets that make it impossible to plan a journey with any precision. Coach tours not only enable holidaymakers to avoid flying and driving, they also provide a number of other benefits.

They typically require no additional arrangements, because the package includes everything from travel to accommodation and even some meals. There are many choices of destination and even holiday types, and most coach tour operators provide a local collection point so you don’t have to worry about travelling before you even start the journey. Environmentally friendly and statistically safer than travelling by car, coach journeys are also less stressful than flying, and provide access to comfortable and modern coaches that not only enable you to travel in comfort, but offer a degree of luxury to your journey too.

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Coach tours are convenient. You make your way to the collection point, which is usually a central and local point, and the tour operator will arrange everything else from accommodation to finding somewhere to rest and eat. You don’t need to book hotels or other accommodation, and you don’t need to worry about finding the best local restaurants and places to eat.

The increased popularity of coach tours means that there is a much greater range of places that you can visit. The majority of destinations are in the UK, but we are privileged to enjoy some of the best countryside, some of the greatest coastal views, and some of the most exquisite stately homes, sites, and other destinations. Tour operators usually offer a broad range of destinations in order to meet the demands of all guests, and you can choose a holiday that suits you or the whole of your family.

Modern coaches are a far cry from double decker buses that we use to travel around town. They have also advanced considerably since the coach tours of yesteryear. They offer more than adequate leg room so that you are comfortable while travelling. They can provide air conditioning, TV and DVD entertainment, and some even have luxury leather interiors. The coaches are well maintained, conform to all safety standards, and the tour operator will have researched the destinations that you will visit in order to ensure that these offer equally high standards.

You can also benefit from total peace of mind. Having a large group travel in a single coach means considerably less damage to the environment than if everybody were to take cars. Coaches are also seven times less likely to be involved in an accident than cars, and modern tour operators typically offer seatbelts on every seat. Although this isn’t legally required, it can give additional peace of mind and provide extra safety.

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