Bali Island

Bali Island attracts more people to Indonesia than any other island or city. This is because the place is magical. Everything about Bali is breathtakingly beautiful. From the minute you step foot on the island, all you see when you look around you are rice terraces that extend far and wide, changing landscapes, amazingly beautiful tropical beaches, unique marine life, great food in some of the best Bali Indonesia hotels 5 star rated locations and much more.

Bali attracts all kinds of people ranging from honeymooners, people on romantic getaways, adventurers, divers, snorkelling lovers, kids and nature lovers among many others. The place is not all about nature and beaches but for people that love fast and interesting nightlife, you can get it here too.

Below are some of the things and places that make Bali Island special

·       Shopping

Bali streets display colourful exhibitions of different items. The items range from cultural to tradition and native. This is what makes the island a favourite for shopaholics. Many of the local streets in the island offer visitors good bargains and deals that are not easy to resist. If you want to shop for clothes, handicrafts, food items, furniture, artefacts, jewerly and textile, you will find them all here. Some of the most popular shopping centres in the island are Ubud, Kuta Square and Monkey Forest Road among others.

·       Rice terraces

If you want to know more about the Balinese culture, take a tour of the countryside. Here you will find scenic hills, villages and green rice terraces. The best time to take the tour to capture the beauty of the rice terraces is during the sunrise or sunset. The rice terraces set in the hills of Ubud and Tegalalang are the most famous and the best attractions. The terraces date back many centuries ago and the locals still use simple tools to cultivate and maintain their rice yields. You can enjoy the local rice dishes and help with harvesting of the rice.

·       Waterfalls of Bali

If you are the adventurous type, then get ready to walk through the thick Bali forests, walk deep into the jungle, cross several rivers and climb a few hills to discover one of Bali’s best-hidden gems. The waterfalls of Bali are simply stunning. On top of the waterfalls, you will find rainbow decorations and all around the waterfalls are green trees.

The bubbling water ripples through your skin if you decide to take a plunge into the waterfall. Some of the most popular Bali waterfalls are Nung Nung Waterfall and Git Git Waterfalls, besides these two, Bali enjoys a number of waterfalls, which are all breathtakingly beautiful. Some of the waterfalls are easily accessible by road.

·       Culture dance and song

The Balinese have a very rich culture that they uphold from centuries ago. One of these cultures is the Kecak dance. This intense dance, performed at the Ulluwatu temple is both spiritual and hypnotic. The dance tells the story of Ramayana who was a Hindu epic. Bare-chested men are the ones that perform this dance and as day turns into night, the song and dance becomes more intense which in turn makes it more hypnotic. Everything about the dance and song is simply magical and it will make you feel more connected to the people of Bali.

·       Island hopping

Another thing that sets Bali apart is its many islands. The islands offer everything for the visitors ranging from nightlife, great food in big and internationally Bali Indonesia hotels 5 star rated resorts and spas, beautiful beaches, sports and many more. Called the islands of gods, the only one way to enjoy what every Bali Island has to offer is by moving from island to island, popularly known as island hopping.

Island hopping is very popular here but it allows every visitor to enjoy every islands special characteristics. Some of the most popular islands are Komodo Island, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Gilis Island and many others.

The above are just some of the things that make Bali special. The island however offers much more from great foods, snorkelling, and diving, beautiful beaches and much more.

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