Visit Tarragona more than beaches and Rome

With the arrival of summer the coast of Tarragona, Costa Dorada call is filled with visitors looking for beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, pleasant temperatures and a good range of leisure and fun.

Touristy places like El Vendrell and Salou we offer every service imaginable, but if you ever want to escape the routine towel and umbrella, visiting the city of Tarragona not disappoint them.

TravelPossessing an interesting cultural heritage, the southernmost of the Catalan provinces is one of the best examples of the Roman presence in our country.

Its large, seasoned by its magical location overlooking the Mediterranean, dating from the second century AD and has a beautiful elliptical shape that once gave accommodate over 15,000 people. Part of the archaeological site of the ancient city of Tarraco, recognized as World Heritage by Unesco and is unique in Catalonia.

Part of this set is also the Roman wall that surrounds the old town and it retains today a mile than it was four times larger structure. It houses a number of cannons lined up along the enclosure and a beautiful replica of a statue of Caesar Augustus.

Complete the wonderful archaeological your precious Aqueduct, also built in the time of Augustus, and we can see on the outskirts of the city. This is a magnificent example of two story arcs and over two hundred meters long and is called Puente del Diablo as legend was built by the devil himself. A historical and archaeological show that has nothing to envy its segoviano brother.

Puente del Diablo As not all Roma in Tarragona, approach the visitor to the Cathedral, example of transition between Romanesque and Gothic Spanish and possesses one of the most beautiful cloisters of Spain.

If what you like is to look at the sea, do not forget to make a good break from the so-called Mediterranean Balcony, a cliff over twenty feet high at the end of the Rambla Nova, which is protected by a railing, provides an exciting and relaxing view of the coast.

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