Royal Yachting Association

The Royal Yachting Association is the national group for all water-related sporting and racing. This includes sail racing, sport boating, yacht cruising, and sailboat cruising. There are lots of options for individuals to get involved with this group.

How to Get Involved with the RYA

The Royal Yachting Association is membership-based. People have the choice to choose different membership levels based on their boating experience. The Pathway membership is the ideal choice for beginners. The Associate membership gives people the most variety in information and benefits. There are over 100,000 existing members within the RYA.

What Does the RYA Offer?

If someone needs assistance with their boating education, the RYA offers some training courses:

  • Practical boat training
  • Shore-based boat training
  • Mileage builders
  • Boat handling courses
  • Close quarters berthing

The RYA is not limited to just these courses. The group has several resources to offer a wide range of education based on individual needs. The benefits are not limited to one county as there is even RYA training in Gosport. The group holds lots of leadership and voice when it comes to water sport interests. The RYA lobbies and campaigns on important issues that include safety on waters and the freedom to travel on waters as a person sees fit. Being a part of the RYA gives members a chance to express their opinions.

The RYA also gives beneficial advice and support to those who are part of the group. Members can receive free boating-related legal advice. They also give cruising and technical advice based on the boating methods that a person uses. They also offer insurance to further help protect those with boating hobbies.

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