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Reimagining Your Next Holiday Getaway: The Benefits of Modern Cycling Excursions

Cycling Tour

If you partner with a reputable travel agency that specialises in facilitating cycling holidays, you’ll be able to work with a resourceful team of experts to establish a tailored itinerary for your next getaway and finally ditch the antiquated, mundane vacation plans of years past.

But if you’ve never considered the pros and cons of this unconventional yet inclusive holiday option, this brief article will help fill in the blanks.

A Wide Range of Tour Options

Regardless of whether you wish to go cycling in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, or any other European hotspot, you’ll gain immediate access to a vast array of intricately crafted programmes, the most popular of which are shown below:

  • Point-to-point tours
  • Self-guided circuits
  • Guided expeditions with a knowledgeable escort
  • Centre-based tours in a fixed location
  • Circular tours that begin and end in the same locale

You can use the intuitive Tour Selector platform to evaluate all of the available options or simply correspond with an in-house travel expert to identify the ideal choice for your family or group.

Everything Is Included

In addition to crafting a personalised itinerary for your travel group, the in-house specialists will also establish a comprehensive plan to account for every aspect of your holiday:

  • Nightly bookings at renowned four-star hotels and taverns with each accommodation situated along the course of your tour
  • Integrated sightseeing opportunities throughout your excursion, including various UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks, renowned shopping centres, and historic castles, just to name a few
  • A full assortment of cycling gear including racing jerseys, helmets, bike rentals, water bottles, route maps, information kits, and more
  • Value-added bonuses included such as dinner vouchers, travel insurance, GPS provisions, and other useful inclusions

A Healthy Alternative

Irrespective of your current physical fitness levels, it’s important to take note of the incredible health benefits associated with cycling:

  • Low-Impact: In stark contrast to walking or running, cycling allows you to burn up to 1000 calories per hour without aggravating or inflaming your joints, which is why it’s widely recognised as the second-best form of low-impact training (behind swimming).
  • Build Muscular Strength: As one of the best ways to engage in non-weight-bearing aerobic exercise, cycling will redefine the profile of your lower half and significantly increase the strength of your hamstrings, calves, and gluteal muscles.
  • General Wellness: Based on several recent medical studies, cycling has been empirically proven to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, asthma, and cancer while simultaneously reinforcing healthier neural activity.

As you can see by now, contemporary cycling holidays represent the best way to engage in a bespoke vacation without sacrificing any of the amenities that we’ve come to rely on in today’s day and age. So if you’d like to see some incredible sights, bolster your physical fitness levels, and finally try something new, be sure to reach out to a reputable cycling tour organisation to create a lively programme for your next getaway.


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