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Reasons Why a Halong Bay Cruise Should Be on Your List

Luxury Cruise with Indochina Sails on Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you have a zeal for cruises, the striking Halong Bay should be on your list of must do cruises. Halong Bay is a naturally amazing place with magical trademark emerald green waters. The area boasts 3,000 inlets of towering limestone, which is a remarkable experience seeing them up close in person. There are many reasons to visit the Halong Bay area in Vietnam, but also, there are many reasons to add a Halong Bay cruise to your list of cruises.

Stellar Halong Bay cruise experience

A Halong Bay cruise will provide you a stellar experience on your cruise with a luxurious lifestyle atmosphere filled with excitement, great food and relaxation. Despite your choice of cruise travel around the bay, junk boats are an abundant, traditional way for traveling around the Halong Bay and the most popular option for traveling the Halong Bay region. Larger riverboats provides cruisers charm and a more commercialized cruise, with more amenities, suitable for longer cruise traveling. A cruise along the Bay will gift you one of the wonderful wonders of the world, both visually and physically.

Stay in a Vietnam hotel and opt to take a 3 hour or full day cruise.  Or enjoy an overnight cruise along the Bay. However you decide to cruise the Halong Bay, the experience is truly a majestic and awesome one.

Activities galore on a Halong Bay cruise

From visiting traveling floating villages, exploring caves, swimming the white sand beaches, doing water sports to fishing and much more, Halong Bay has a lot to offer in fun activities for people on a Halong Bay cruise. Most of the activities are suitable for all ages and can be tailored to provide a more personalized cruise experience, depending on the activities you choose to do when taking a travel along the Halong Bay. When you visit this World Heritage Site, Halong Bay, you’ll get the best experiences offered through a cruise travel on and off the cruise boat.

Halong Bay is a natural ecotourism site

Halong Bay has a natural scenic landscape without unnatural enhancements to add to the rustic beauty it already possesses. The steep karst inlets provides the best option for physical activity on the bay, as the inlets are perfect for rock climbing and more. There are many things to do on Halong Bay if you want to take a small break away from the cruise boats. While on the Halong Bay cruise you can get off the boats and take a kayak or rowboat around the bay to get a closer view of the unique limestone formations in the Halong Bay. The scenic limestone rock inlets took thousands of year to naturally develop and are a natural wonder worth seeing on your cruise.

The Halong Bay is all natural with a picturesques dynamic landscape. There are different cruise options to choose from on your cruise around the bay, whether it’s in wooden “junk” boats or larger river boats. However you choose to travel around the bay, you’ll find your cruise experience on Halong Bay one of the most rewarding experiences that you’ll ever do in your lifetime.

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