Planning Your Trip

Planning a trip can take a long time, so before you go, make sure that everything is absolutely in order so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible and your planning wasn’t for nothing. There are a variety of things you should remember, so here are the top tips that cover your travel planning. Make sure you review them before you go away.

  • Make sure that your house is secure. Before you go away for any amount of time, hire a friend of neighbor to house-sit. This will ensure that your house and possessions are safe at all times. Also ask the post office to hold your mail so that you don’t lose any and so that mail does not get stolen from your box
  • Check and recheck you airport tickets before you go. Sometimes, the mind plays tricks and even though you may think your flight leaves at 9:30, it may actually leave at 9:00. Be sure to carefully look at the time your flight takes off and make sure you get to the airport at least an hour in advance for domestic flights, and even longer for international flights.
  • Confirm your reservations. About a week before you leave, call your hotel to make sure that your name is in the system and that you are set to arrive on the right day. If you do not, you may find that your reservation is lost and not being able to find a room is common.
  • Pick up tourist information. If there are certain activities you and your fellow travelers want to do, make sure to schedule time for them and to pick up information that includes maps and times of operation.
  • Prepare your paperwork. If you are flying to a foreign country (or driving there), you’ll need identification and, in most cases, a passport and/or visa. If you do not have the proper information, you won’t be allowed to board the flight.
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