Turkey is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s been straddling Europe and Asia. During the Christmas season, it’s one of the most travelled places in the world. The country has a rich culture, tourist spots and history. When you are travelling through the colorful bazaars of Istanbul, you’re able to explore the popular Dagi National Park and Cappadocia caves.

When you are travelling to Turkey on Christmas with friends or family, you’re mesmerized and amazed with everything. During this Christmas season, the country is travelled a lot. Thus, you should get an idea about some places to visit. In this post, we’ve discussed the best places to visit in Turkey during Christmas.

Istanbul – When you visit Istanbul, you can easily spend a good time in the Grand Bazaar. Throughout the duration of your trip, your senses will be awakened by the Spice market. Other popular tourist spots in Istanbul include Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque. When you don’t want the Christmas crowd, you can take a peaceful cruise on Bosphorus.

Eastern Turkey – During the Christmas season, you can’t afford to miss a visit to Eastern Turkey. When you’re in the region, you should visit the popular Silk Road Palace, watch oil wrestling, learn Kurdish dance, and witness other mesmerizing wonders. You can also talk to some nomadic Kurds in Christmas mood.

Western Turkey – In case you plan to visit Turkey during the Christmas season with your family, you should visit Ephesus and Aphrodisias. In these place, you can notice exceptional and exotic Greek ruins. You can even enjoy the hot springs situated at Pamukkale. Taking a traditional Turkish bath can also be an excellent idea. When you’re travelling in Western Turkey during the Christmas, you should be sure to not hurt Islamic beliefs and sentiments.

Central Turkey – While visiting Central Turkey, you can spend a good time in ancient villages dipped in Christian culture. The people are cultured, and offer greetings at every step. When you’re in this region, you can witness some beautiful geological wonders and cliff dwellings. When you are done enjoying the camel rides and carpets, you should visit Ankara. This is a very modern city. When you’re in this place, you can also learn Ataturk. He’s considered the Father of Turks.

Ephesus – During the Christmas season, this becomes the most important city in the country. If you’ve always been interested in Roman grandeur, this place will be your perfect choice. You can witness the beauty of the Terrace Houses, Boulevards, Music Theaters, Library of Celsus and rich lifestyles. When you visit Ephesus, you can enjoy a traditional Christmas. The place gives you a good chance to witness both landscape and ancient history.

When you plan to visit Turkey during the Christmas season, you should consult a trustworthy and reputed travel operator online to get Turkish Visas and related paperwork.

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