Road to the Wild

Once out on the open roads, it lifts the spirit, acting like a pure tonic for the soul especially to those who spend most of their lives indoors or sat in front of a desk. The perfectly heated atmosphere of an office, the bland uniform decoration of the surroundings, the pale, almost energy sapping neon lights beat down on the standard issue office furniture as your eyes watch a computer screen flicker dully. Heading outside of work only results in heading down the street for lunch, following the set routes for your footsteps along pavements, to and from your office. After the monotonous days at work, you head home with the same supermarket food, the same TV shows and the same bedtime, ready for it all over again.

You Are An Animal

Ever stand outside in your back garden at night and glance at the stars? Look up, maybe look around to feel the atmosphere of the outside world, our true environment, brush gently on the skin, as a warm summer breeze works along your skin and through your hair? Maybe you have no garden or just want to get to the nearest space in a public park to catch the sights of trees and the nearby sounds of nature? It is inborn within us to seek out the wild every now and then, especially as we are drenched in artificially created spaces and light. Street lights even drown out the majority of the stars that naturally illuminate the night from above. So why not extend getting back out into the great wide yonder more than something other than popping down the park for a walk? Pop to a wonderful land of wide ranging beauty instead.

Rest on the Road

Even though wishing to reconnect with our more primal selves may appear inviting, most human beings still value their creature comforts and a dry roof. What better way to marry the idea of getting back to nature, escaping the rat race of modern life, while still having a decent retreat in order to rest and relax with some peace? There is an answer, a balance between both worlds of the basic and modern, solutions that are easy to book, value for money too, and that is with cheap campervan rental in New Zealand.

Become one with the raw, untamed majesty of the open wilds, to explore the open roads, the quiet placid countryside and the mighty mountains that cap the skylines of New Zealand. You could even pop into the vibrant scenes of the bigger cities of the islands, all behind the wheel of a campervan. That way you get the best of both worlds by experiencing nature first hand by having the right transport and then, when your day of trekking through the marvellous countryside of New Zealand is done, there’s accommodation in the back of your vehicle too. There are 600 islands that comprise New Zealand, so get driving and exploring!

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