Consider a Sunny Greek Holiday

There’s no better time than wintertime to take a holiday. Escape the cloudy, rainy skies of the traditional UK winter by taking in the winter sun in Greece. Not only are the traditional archaeological sites much less crowded in the winter season, prices for accommodation, entertainment, and travel are largely cut. Flights from the UK to Europe are always subject to deals during off-peak months, and what better time to take advantage of a sunnier clime than January or February?
While there are rainy moments during the winter months, Greek holidays promise lots of sun, as long stretches of rain are very rare. The average hours of sun per day in Greece during the winter months are between 3 and 5, and often more. Compared to UK’s average sunny hours of 1 to 3, the comparison is easy to see. A holiday of winter sun in Greece is just what will boost one out of a seasonal slump!
Aside from some northern areas of Greece experiencing snow and winter cold, much of Greece stays relatively warm and mostly sunny throughout the winter. But for those who donít mind the cold and relish outdoor winter sports, Greece is an exceptional value when it comes to skiing. Areas of Greeceís mountainous regions such as Delphi, Macedonia, and Epirus have ski areas for getaways that rival the Swiss Alps.
Perfect Weather
In Greece’s southern region, temperatures can reach 21C or above during the day, which is perfect for exploring and walking tours. Most areas of Greece average at least 10 to 13C daily all through December, January, and February, which makes for spring-like temperatures even in the heart of winter. For truly mild and pleasant weather, visit the island of Crete, which lies in the subtropical part of the Mediterranean. Daytime temperatures vary between 16 to 23C on the southern coast, and a beach day isnít completely out of the question.
One other major benefit of a Greece holiday in winter is having access to a real taste of Greek culture. During high-traffic tourist season, much of the food and entertainment on the beaten path is targeted to the average tourist. However, the off season allows for a delightful taste of delicious Greek food as many of the tourist restaurants are closed. So you can enjoy a winter sun holiday and eat like a local in Greece.
The locals are busiest this time of year with olive harvesting. Adventurous travellers can take trips learning how pick olives, make olive oil, and participate in the cooking of Greek food. This is a really interesting way to enjoy the sunny side of Greek winter.
Many hotels on the major islands are open during the winter months, but travellers may also want to consider houses, flats, or family villas for rent. Check into the area of interest to see what accommodations are available for your area of interest.

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