Cliff Diving In Al Ain

Al Ain is a literal oasis and is perched on the eastern boarder of the U. A. E. in the Middle East. Its stunning gardens, surrounding windswept sand dunes, and pleasing weather have attracted visitors from all around the world. Visit Al Ain and enjoy it’s attractions with cheap car rental service.

But recently Al Ain has been attracting a new kind of adventurer, cliff divers! A triangular road network easily connects Al Ain to not only some of the nicest beaches in the Persian Gulf, but in addition to hidden oasis style swimming holes dotting the stunning country. Locations like the deep clear pools of Hatta or the calm beaches of Kalba have been attracting more and more visitors every year. Making Al Ain even more engaging is its proximity to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dubai is an ever growing architectural wonder world, with amazing 5 star comforts, and white sand beaches. Abu Dhabi is among the world’s wealthiest cities and houses expatriates from all corners of the Earth. The little island networks dotting the gulf are a short boat ride from these locations also , and draw divers and simmers alike.

Whether in the the deep clear pools of Hatta or exploring the the canyons lacing thru the Hajar mountains, cliff diving has become a new phenomenon. Hatta an once kept secret is now one of the more well known locations. Emerald colored luke-warm water pools are dispersed across this landscape. Despite its acclaim, if you follow the canyons, you are bound to discover a empty location to test your cannon ball and swan diving methodologies. The steep ravine walls also permit relief from the sun and supply a natural form of air conditioning. There are a few perfect picnic areas also , just be certain to pack up any left overs or rubbish and take it out with you further preserving this natural wonder.

Tours are available through the Hajar Mountains taking some of the guess work out of your trip. With beautiful sights to behold this is another must see in the United Arab Emirates. Not only swimming, but hiking and caving are available and guides are endorsed, given the coarse nature of this terrain. Ras Al Khaimah is another must see for cliff diving, swimming and high-end resorts. The Cove as it’s called is beautiful and grand. Ras Al Khaimah is inside straightforward driving distance of Al Ain as well. So regardless of where your headed in the UAE, Al Ain is a good beginning location

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