Travel Planning

Travel Planning

Cheap Doesn’t Have to Mean Lesser Quality

cheap hotel rooms

When traveling, we want to be able to go to a hotel at the end of our busy day that will feel welcoming and help us to relax. The wrong hotel can be the opposite of that with all of the flaws and discomforts readily apparent.

But there are cheap hotel rooms in Leeds that can provide comfort and relaxation when you visit. That is the kind of escape that you need whether you are traveling for vacation or business. That room can mean the difference between a successful trip and one that ends in disappointment.

The Best Amenities Around

A quality, cost-effective hotel room in Leeds should come with a number of different things. As times have changed, so too have the needs of the average hotel-goer. That is why these rooms come available with:

  • Free WiFi
  • Television
  • Fresh linens
  • Coffee and tea facilities
  • Iron, ironing board, hair dryer, etc.

Whatever it takes to make your stay a positive one can be found in a cost-effective yet quality hotel room. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to stay in comfort.

The Getaway That You Want

Most importantly, these Leeds hotel rooms create the kind of retreat that any traveller needs. You never have to worry about the comfort level of the space that you are staying in; you just get the best amenities and the highest level of service.

There are hotels out there that would cost twice as much for less service. Go with better quality instead.


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Travel Planning

4 things you should know before traveling to Greece


Although you may have gotten your ears filled with negative information and stories about the immigrant and financial crises that have engulfed the country for the past decades now, there are still a ton of reasons why you should choose Greece for your next vacation. Its stunning mountain scenery, superb beaches, lovely food and the warm welcome are just a few to mention.

Distribute the wealth

While in Greece, try as much as possible to adopt independent dining options and accommodation. You can go for inclusive options under resort packages, as they can save you a lot of money. Considering the current condition in Greece, you can negotiate small hotel prices with the owners, and you don’t always have to go for the resort buffet on a daily basis, try out the tavernas too.

Avoid peak season

 School holidays should be the only reason why you’ll visit Greece during the high summer period, else, visiting during the peak season of late July to the end of the 8th month isn’t a good idea. This is because of the geometric rise in the price of goods since the Greeks are also on holiday and everywhere is overcrowded with the blistering hot weather. You can always pay a visit anytime from May to June and September to early October.

Work with what you see on the mainland

There’s a lot you can get from the mainland, from the western Peloponnese empty golden beaches to the imposing Northern Pindos mountain range, with the highest number of archaeological sites when compared to the island. So you have all it takes to not fall into the trap of heading to the country’s islands, so that you don’t run out of your budget.

Drink  and eat like the Locals

The Greeks always eat late, so don’t be surprised when you see them ordering dinner by 10 pm. Get to know some of them and watch out for their restaurants, the food locals eat are much better.

We hope you enjoy your holiday in Greece! Here’s a take-home bonus for you!! You probably might have read or heard about how difficult it is to send parcels in and out of Greece, mostly because of the huge payment rate and safety of the goods. The good news now is that there’s an amazing shipping company in town geared towards the safe and fast delivery of your parcels anywhere from Greece to other parts of the world. ParcelABC ensures that your parcels reach its destination at the right time without any form of delay. Give ParcelABC a chance today to enjoy safe delivery!

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It has been said that the ocean is a city with its life underground. There are few better ways then to experience the sheer beauty and wonderment of the ocean than by planning a diving holiday. Watching the action through a glass-bottomed boat is one thing; seeing, touching and being a part of the action is another thing altogether.

The basics of planning a diving holiday largely revolve around two issues – choosing a suitable location, and choosing what type of tour package suits your needs. These are influenced by where you wish to travel, the time of year you’ll be traveling, your skill level and the type of diving experience you’re after.

Choosing a suitable location
The time of year, your skill level and the environment you wish to dive in all impact on the location where you choose to dive. Reef-diving allows you to experience some of the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer, whereas exploring sunken wrecks and other man-made diving attractions provide a very different but challenging adventure.

Choosing a tour package to suit your needs
There are many options available when it comes to choosing a tour package for your diving holiday. These may encompass optional hotel transfers, the size of the tour group, the type of diving experience (for example whether you’ll be exploring reefs or shipwrecks) and whether you want dive during the day or at night.

Many diving tours cater for specific skill levels. As an example for the novice diver, many tour packages also include diving lessons and extra time to build up your confidence before you really take the plunge.

The size of the group that you dive with is largely a matter of preference. Dive with a larger group of people and you’ll meet plenty of new people and have a great time; dive with a smaller group and you are likely to get more one-on-one time from instructors, be able to dive in quieter areas and perhaps even get more time in the water.

Whether you choose to dive at night or during the day, each experience is exhilarating and has unique benefits. While natural visibility is much better during the day, using a flashlight to see things close up means that you might actually end up seeing more at night. Additionally, many sea creatures are nocturnal; the critters you see during the day might be very different to those you encounter after dark.

A diving holiday can be truly amazing. There are many options that can be tailored to suit the type of experience you are after, and that allow you to get the most out of your holiday. It will take a bit of research and pre-planning on your part, but you’ll discover yourself that the results really are worth

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Guide to Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

Guide to Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

Cruises have become overwhelming popular within the travel industry in the last several years. This is in part because of the high satisfaction that cruisers leave with, which causes them to become repeat customers of the cruising travel industry. When you are looking for cruise holidays , an idea that you may not have considered is a Mediterranean cruise holiday. These cruises are full of exotic and wonderful destinations that you might otherwise not get to enjoy including the Cote d’Azur.
You will certainly discover that Eastern Mediterranean cruises provide you with the opportunity to partake of numerous different countries and cultures while on only one vacation. The eastern half of the Med proves to be particularly interesting and mixed. Here, you will find the place in the world where the Western and Eastern cultures start to merge. A variety of unique ports of call exist in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Malta. In all of these stops, you will be able to encounter the tremendous wealth of western and eastern cultural traditions that are provided here.
Your Eastern Mediterranean cruise will likely depart from an Italian port of call. Venice is an extremely popular departure point for such cruises. Others of them leave from Rome, Bari, or Savona in Italy.
Kefalonia hotels are another option for when you feel like getting back on land and really exploring this special part of Greece.
Cruises will have many interesting ports to choose from when they pass through the wonders of Greece. On the mainland, many cruises call at either Piraeus, the port of Athens, or at a port near Olympia. These two cities are strewn with ancient architecture, ruins, and monuments to antiquity. All of them are worth investigating. Athens offers its star attraction the Acropolis. Olympia shelters the original site of the Olympic Games from the ancient world. Piraeus shows off three beautiful natural harbours.
Visit Greece and Turkey
The majority of cruises through the Eastern Med will also call in at one of the lovely Greek island ports. Among these are popular cruise ship stops Corfu, Rhodes, Samos, Delos, Patmos, Mykonos, and Santorini. Every one of these islands has its own unique character to share with visitors. From the medieval crusader knights’ fortress island of Rhodes, to volcanic Santorini with its white washed houses, everyone will be amazed by the incomparable Greek Islands. All of them offer amazing beaches and crystal clear seas.
Turkey also provides visitors with a number of interesting ports in which to call. There is fantastic nightlife and food here, along with a sampling of history, culture, and ruins. In Turkey, most cruise ships either stop at the largest city of Istanbul, or the Aegean Sea resorts of Bodrum or Kusadasi.
Malta is a notable last stop for many cruises of the Mediterranean. This lovely tiny island nation offers two world class medieval cities to explore in La Valetta and Mdina. History and culture seem to rise from every stone on the island. With natural beauty, spas, crystal clear seas, and water sports, the only thing friendlier than the island’s idyllic climate are its charming people.

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Flying may be convenient, but the whole airport experience can be overwhelming and stressful, while many travellers simply do not enjoy the prospect of flying. Furthermore, driving has become even more of a challenge, with seemingly constant road works on major routes, coupled with the heavily congested streets that make it impossible to plan a journey with any precision. Coach tours not only enable holidaymakers to avoid flying and driving, they also provide a number of other benefits.

They typically require no additional arrangements, because the package includes everything from travel to accommodation and even some meals. There are many choices of destination and even holiday types, and most coach tour operators provide a local collection point so you don’t have to worry about travelling before you even start the journey. Environmentally friendly and statistically safer than travelling by car, coach journeys are also less stressful than flying, and provide access to comfortable and modern coaches that not only enable you to travel in comfort, but offer a degree of luxury to your journey too.

Next Holiday

Coach tours are convenient. You make your way to the collection point, which is usually a central and local point, and the tour operator will arrange everything else from accommodation to finding somewhere to rest and eat. You don’t need to book hotels or other accommodation, and you don’t need to worry about finding the best local restaurants and places to eat.

The increased popularity of coach tours means that there is a much greater range of places that you can visit. The majority of destinations are in the UK, but we are privileged to enjoy some of the best countryside, some of the greatest coastal views, and some of the most exquisite stately homes, sites, and other destinations. Tour operators usually offer a broad range of destinations in order to meet the demands of all guests, and you can choose a holiday that suits you or the whole of your family.

Modern coaches are a far cry from double decker buses that we use to travel around town. They have also advanced considerably since the coach tours of yesteryear. They offer more than adequate leg room so that you are comfortable while travelling. They can provide air conditioning, TV and DVD entertainment, and some even have luxury leather interiors. The coaches are well maintained, conform to all safety standards, and the tour operator will have researched the destinations that you will visit in order to ensure that these offer equally high standards.

You can also benefit from total peace of mind. Having a large group travel in a single coach means considerably less damage to the environment than if everybody were to take cars. Coaches are also seven times less likely to be involved in an accident than cars, and modern tour operators typically offer seatbelts on every seat. Although this isn’t legally required, it can give additional peace of mind and provide extra safety.

Hardings Tours has a selection of UK coach tours and day trips, offers comfortable and modern coach travel, and ensures that you enjoy a top class holiday experience.

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Make Life Easier by Traveling Light


Whether you are going to the grocery store for bread and milk or to Antarctica for three months, traveling light will make the trip easier.  When you pack for a vacation or business trip, however, it’s hard to know how to pack for traveling light.  You want to make sure you have the things you need when you get to your destination, and it’s difficult to decide what to leave behind.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you decide what you really need to take with you.

What do you need no matter what?  Toothpaste, deodorant, clean undies, your medications—these are things that you need no matter where you are, no matter what happens.  You may want to pack these essentials in your carry-on luggage (or computer case) so that they are certain to arrive at your destination with you.

What will you be doing?  Consider each activity and the clothing, shoes, accessories and equipment you need for it.  If you are going on a four day business trip and don’t plan any other activities, all you need are work clothes and pajamas.  If you are backpacking across Europe, you need good walking shoes, jeans, t-shirts and sweaters.  If you are going to a Presidential inauguration party, you need fancy dress clothes.  Don’t pack for things that aren’t on your itinerary.  If something unexpected comes up, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll have to buy a new outfit.

How often can you wash things?  If you’re spending a month at your mom’s, you can probably do laundry a few times so that you don’t have to pack as much.  Many hotels have laundry facilities, too.  You can nearly always wash out your undies and socks somewhere.  The minimum that most people need when traveling light is three sets of clean undies (one to wear, one to wash and a spare).  In an emergency, you can even get by without that.

What can you buy?  Sometimes it’s easier to leave your toothpaste at home and buy a new tube when you get to your destination.  It also takes some of the stress off of you to know that if you discover you need something and didn’t bring it, you can always buy it. Some things—such as prescription medications—are harder to buy away from home.

By asking yourself these questions, you can pack the least possible amount of stuff.  You can travel light and with as little hassle as possible.  Maybe you’ll even be able to enjoy yourself because you aren’t worrying about dealing with all that luggage.


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Travel Planning

Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip

Planning a trip can take a long time, so before you go, make sure that everything is absolutely in order so that your trip goes as smoothly as possible and your planning wasn’t for nothing. There are a variety of things you should remember, so here are the top tips that cover your travel planning. Make sure you review them before you go away.

  • Make sure that your house is secure. Before you go away for any amount of time, hire a friend of neighbor to house-sit. This will ensure that your house and possessions are safe at all times. Also ask the post office to hold your mail so that you don’t lose any and so that mail does not get stolen from your box
  • Check and recheck you airport tickets before you go. Sometimes, the mind plays tricks and even though you may think your flight leaves at 9:30, it may actually leave at 9:00. Be sure to carefully look at the time your flight takes off and make sure you get to the airport at least an hour in advance for domestic flights, and even longer for international flights.
  • Confirm your reservations. About a week before you leave, call your hotel to make sure that your name is in the system and that you are set to arrive on the right day. If you do not, you may find that your reservation is lost and not being able to find a room is common.
  • Pick up tourist information. If there are certain activities you and your fellow travelers want to do, make sure to schedule time for them and to pick up information that includes maps and times of operation.
  • Prepare your paperwork. If you are flying to a foreign country (or driving there), you’ll need identification and, in most cases, a passport and/or visa. If you do not have the proper information, you won’t be allowed to board the flight.
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