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If you are traveling to a far-away destination, one of the main things you must consider is how you will get there. You can choose to drive yourself, or take a bus or train to this spot, but because prices are relatively inexpensive, air travel is one of the best ways to reach your vacation spot. There are a variety of advantages to air travel, so review them carefully if you are choosing your mode of transportation for your next vacation.

The most obvious advantage to air travel is speed. Instead of spending five days in a car driving across the country, you can be there in a few hours. This is true for travel to foreign countries as well. Taking a boat across the Atlantic of Pacific oceans is rarely the best option for travelers these days. Instead, air travel gets you there fast and comfortably.

Air travel is also extremely safe. Although many people are scared to fly, it is actually more risky to drive to your destination in an automobile, because your car is more likely to wreck than your plane. Because of the September 11 terrorist attacks, air travel has become even safer. Be sure to call ahead to your airport to find out what sorts of things are allowed in your carry-on luggage. If you are not checking your bags, items like razors and nail clippers, which are considered weapons, will have to be purchased when you reach your destination. This is for your own protection.

Air travel is also often easier for families. Although you may get to spend more time together if you drive to your vacation spot, on a plane, you won’t have to worry about long road trips, which include arguments between siblings, multiple bathroom breaks for young children, long deliberations over where to eat, and whining because the trip is so long. If you are traveling with small children, make sure you arrive at the airport well in advance so that you can all get checked in without having to hurry through lines.

Because of its convenience, more and more people are traveling by air every year. Call your local airport to find out flight information if you and your family are considering this form of transportation for your next vacation.


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