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4 things you should know before traveling to Greece


Although you may have gotten your ears filled with negative information and stories about the immigrant and financial crises that have engulfed the country for the past decades now, there are still a ton of reasons why you should choose Greece for your next vacation. Its stunning mountain scenery, superb beaches, lovely food and the warm welcome are just a few to mention.

Distribute the wealth

While in Greece, try as much as possible to adopt independent dining options and accommodation. You can go for inclusive options under resort packages, as they can save you a lot of money. Considering the current condition in Greece, you can negotiate small hotel prices with the owners, and you don’t always have to go for the resort buffet on a daily basis, try out the tavernas too.

Avoid peak season

 School holidays should be the only reason why you’ll visit Greece during the high summer period, else, visiting during the peak season of late July to the end of the 8th month isn’t a good idea. This is because of the geometric rise in the price of goods since the Greeks are also on holiday and everywhere is overcrowded with the blistering hot weather. You can always pay a visit anytime from May to June and September to early October.

Work with what you see on the mainland

There’s a lot you can get from the mainland, from the western Peloponnese empty golden beaches to the imposing Northern Pindos mountain range, with the highest number of archaeological sites when compared to the island. So you have all it takes to not fall into the trap of heading to the country’s islands, so that you don’t run out of your budget.

Drink  and eat like the Locals

The Greeks always eat late, so don’t be surprised when you see them ordering dinner by 10 pm. Get to know some of them and watch out for their restaurants, the food locals eat are much better.

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