For most people who make use of RV rentals during their holidays, it was the novelty that first intrigued them and got their interest in the first place. Seeing as you then had a mobile home, it was just a case of where to go and simply getting there in style. And indeed, what a lovely  way to travel around, go to so many interesting places and stay which is a world away from other kinds of lodgings.

Some people like to plan their trips in detail, whereas others will just take it as it comes and go with the flow. Others like the feeling of getting off of a plane and having the freedom to then take out a car rental at Auckland airport. And what a grand way to travel!

Let’s check out why renting an RV is such a cool alternative thing to do:

Comforts of Home – With an RV, you can enjoy the great outdoors with more comforts than if you were camping. Most RVs are equipped for needs and there’ll be:

  • A kitchen area with a cooker
  • A fridge.
  • A DVD player
  • Fold down beds
  • Living and dining areas
  • Water tank
  • Sink
  • Blinds and more

Air conditioning in the cab is yet another great feature of a camper rental in Auckland.

Family Matters – Family connect more when they are away from home and enjoying a break with a simpler lifestyle.

  • But don’t forget the living area is small for a large family, so spend some time outdoors, to ensure that everyone occasionally gets some personal space and time for themselves.

Children will adore it – For the youngsters, camper rentals are a great adventure and a great way to take a journey. At campgrounds they can play or take part in campground activities. There are normally other children there who they can meet and explore new places with.

  • And don’t forget to have a good old-fashioned campfire complete with stories, songs and stargazing!

Increased Flexibility – In an RV, you will have the flexibility to move your location whenever you want. Remember to make the proper balance between seeing different places, and the amount of time you will be driving. Take time to relax and all will be just fine. With an RV rental, you will very soon come to appreciate the amount of freedom and spontaneity you have!

Costs – True, that it will not be as cheap as staying in a tent and using a bus! But on the other side of the coin, there’s no need to pay out for hotel rooms, airfares or other means of travel. You will be saving by cooking your own meals rather than dining out.

You can also cut down on expenses by making good use of activities and amenities which are already included in the campground rate. If needs be, fuel expenses can also be maintained by a reduction in journey distances and staying longer at a campground or park.

All the above are the ingredients for a wonderful holiday!

Jeffery A. Brown

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