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Familiarising Yourself with Different Types of Apartments

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Apartments are popular with people from various demographics because they are a functional and very economical accommodation option when travelling. They are also usually found in good locations such as near malls, bistros, nightclubs, and tourist attractions.  

When you are looking for one to rent, you must choose carefully so that you can get the most out of the apartment. Learn the different types of apartments in existence today so that you can determine the best fit for you.

Here are the different types of apartments:


Studio apartments are, by far, the smallest housing units known as apartments. They are usually a popular choice for solo travellers. Studio apartments have usually just one large room which serves as everything from a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and a dining room. There are usually no partitions in a studio apartment, except for the bathroom facility which requires privacy.  

Communal apartments

Communal apartments are separate-room apartments sharing a common kitchen and bathroom. This layout is usually used for dormitory purposes. Communal apartments usually come in a cluster of five or more rooms joined together. This is a good choice for those travellers who are okay sharing with other people.


A maisonette is a more upscale type of residential unit and usually occupies two or more floors. This is perfect for large families travelling. The housing unit has its own outside entrance, unlike the regular apartments that usually share not only the stairs and the corridors but the outside entrance as well.

Loft apartment

The loft apartments are popular because they are, by far, the cheaper option when you want to stay and live in the heart of large cities where you can find all the good food, fantastic bistros, wonderful scenic spots and the dynamic nightlife. These apartments are in old warehouses, industrial and factory buildings and they are converted to living quarters for those seeking a place in the large metropolis.

Serviced apartment

Serviced apartments grew in popularity due to their ability to combine comfort and luxury in one housing unit. A serviced apartment includes a regular housekeeping and cleaning service and has facilities usually found in hotels. They are preferred by many vacationers since they are significantly cheaper than booking their accommodation in a hotel and they still get to enjoy additional services such as laundry and catering.


The penthouse is the most sought-after housing unit and is usually rented out by business professionals travelling for a business conference or convention. It is the top floor apartment which can have luxurious features and can come in the form of a two-story small house on top of a building.

Choosing your own apartment might be a nerve-wracking ordeal with the variety of apartments that exist on the market nowadays. But, focus on what you need, and you will figure out the rest yourself. If you need some help when you are in Edinburgh, ask for professional advice and check out and let them find the perfect match for you.  


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