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Explore the Greatness and Grandeur of Ancient and Modern Greece with a Walking Holiday

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The best holidays are those that not only involve sightseeing and travel but likewise give us a sense of feeling truly “transported” to a place that is at once both timely and timeless. When you visit the Great Wall of China or the World Heritage Sites that dot the landscape of Jerusalem, you’re not just visiting tourist attractions but stepping back in time to share unique aspects of the human experience.

Few countries embody that brilliance and ability to transport tourists back in time quite as Greece does. Literature, Theatre, Philosophy, Science, Democracy – for the western world, Greece has long represented the cradle of these now-sacred concepts and many more. Walking in Greece holidays, therefore, can take on the tone of a stroll through the birthplace of western civilisation itself, all while retaining the distinctiveness of modern Greek cuisine and culture.

The Benefits of a Walking Tour

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of a walking tour is, of course, the fact that it’s absolutely fantastic from a fitness standpoint. If you’re someone who loves the gym or is hooked to his or her Fitbit, a walking tour can be the perfect marriage of sightseeing and exercise.

Of course, what sets a walking tour of somewhere such as Greece apart from a stroll to the supermarket are the destinations involved. From the Parthenon to modern Greek restaurants, there’s a whole world of attractions to see and a wide variety of ways in which to see them. A huge advantage of walking tours, therefore, is the fact that they allow you to get closer to and thus have a more intimate experience with the sites in question. By contrast, while bus tours may be convenient for shuttling quickly from place to place, that rapidity can also rob you of your chance to thoughtfully linger along the areas that you most want to see. What’s more, there’s something to be said for having nothing but the open air between you and some of the most famous and influential sites in the Western World!

Experience the Ancient Grandeur

When you take a walking holiday of Greece, there are certain sites that you simply must see!

For example, any lover of literature is going to want to take in the Aegean Sea from the Greek shoreline, the site of so many of the most dramatic moments in Homer’s poetry. Any lover of theatre will want to see what remains of the ancient theatres of Athens where Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus, and Aristophanes put on some of the first and most influential plays in western history. The Parthenon is a special site, one that has been touched by different periods throughout Greece’s history. It remains a symbol of the Golden Age of Athenian democracy; served as both a Christian church and, during Ottoman occupation, an Islamic mosque; and has received restoration efforts in the modern era.

The ability to take a stroll past sites such as these is enough to fire anyone’s imagination and is a core ingredient in the popularity of walking tours.

Greek Cuisine

Walking through all that history can work up an appetite for sure. That’s why the best walking tours of Greece also allow for stops at authentic Greek restaurants where you’ll enjoy the best Greek food and wine.

Go on your own personal odyssey through Greece’s ancient and present glory with a great walking tour!

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